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June 2010



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vortexx mod

vortexxmod in vortexxworld

Rules [Updated: 3-1-10]

*Any updated rule will be in red

1. Be literate. Use understandable grammar and spelling (the LJ spell check or microsoft word is your friend~).
2. Please remain in character. While we understand that this is a crack Roleplay, drifting TOO far from the character's personality is not allowed unless they are affected by something, such as the OOC (out of character) fruit or amnesia.
3. You may play up to six characters at a time. If you wish to play more than the stated, please go to this post for more details.
4. Fill out an application and make a new post of it in the OOC community ( vortexxooc). A moderator will approve or deny it soon after.
5. You may join as any kind of fictional character. It can be from an anime, manga, TV show, movie, book, video game, and et cetera. However, celebrities are discouraged.
6. If you have applied for a character in the past at Vortexxworld, a mun may reclaim their character by posting in the OOC community a link to their old application with the designated tag, “reclaim”. Please make sure that all personal information is updated. A moderator will then confirm your claim before the mun may start playing as the character.
7. You may reserve a character for two weeks. Please join and post in the OOC community to reserve with the designated tag,“reserve”. There will be a reserve list made by a moderator to keep track of what characters are on reserve.
8. If you cannot update for more than two weeks, post a hiatus notice in the OOC community with the designated tag,“hiatus". There will be a hiatus list made by a moderator to keep track of who is away. Upon your return, be sure to post again to let us know that you have returned from your hiatus with the designated tag, “off hiatus”. Please note, you may only be on hiatus for one month. For any hiatuses over a month, you must contact a moderator, either via e-mail or IM.
9. You must keep a character for three weeks before dropping them. In cases where you still wish to drop a character, the mun will not be allowed to apply for another character for two weeks. Drop notices must be posted in the OOC community with the designated tag,“drop". There will be a drop list made by a moderator to keep track of who has been dropped.
10. There will be an activity check done at the beginning of every month to ensure that the community stays fairly active, despite being “casual”. One post in one`s own character journal or involvement in a log (minimum of 3 tags) is required to pass the activity check. There will be a points system incorporated. Each month missed will land you 5 points for each inactive muse. For each month that you stay active, 2.5 points are deducted from your total. Once a muse reaches 15 points, an e-mail will be sent to the mun and will be forced to drop the character unless the mun makes an appeal due to special circumstances and speak with the moderators. In situations where the mun fails to respond to the sent e-mail within a week period, the character will be automatically purged. Note: Please be sure that your personal information listed is updated. It is not our responsibility to hunt you down if an e-mail we send is sent back due to an inactive e-mail account.
11. All roleplays should be in third person while journal entries should be in first person.
12. You can roleplay through the community, instant messenger, email, and pretty much anywhere else you want. However, we highly encourage that those interactions done else where besides through the community be copied and posted in the main community so that others are aware of what is going on.
13. Do not start unnecessary drama. If something happens OOC, keep it OOC. Do not insult anyone's roleplaying abilities. Everyone has to start somewhere.
14. Please remember that muns are muns. Do not associate them with the characters they are playing as. Just because your character does not get along with the other mun's character in canon, does not mean that the mun has anything against you.
15. All contents that are not safe for work (this includes images, inappropriate words, etc.) should be placed under a cut.
16. Do not godmode or kill off anyone else's character without their consent.
17. No advertisements of any kind are allowed to be posted at any of the communities.
18. Do not flame others for not following the rules. Please inform a moderator about the situation and it will be handled privately.

Before Acceptance
1. Join the OOC community (vortexxooc) to post an application for a character.
2. If you have not yet been accepted, do not post in any journal but the application until you have fully been accepted.

If accepted:
1. Add all of the character journals under the taken character list here.
2. Join the following communities: the main community (vortexxworld), the news community (vortexxtimes), and the plot community (vortexxplots) under your character's journal.
3. Have your character find a communication device before using the journals, or just mention them finding one in your first post.
4. In your character journal add some type of line indicating that you are using it here at vortexxworld (eg: [[ This is an rp journal used for vortexxworld]] ) so that you do not get anonymous replies from someone outside of the community by mistake.

Things to keep in mind:
-Keep roleplay logs open unless there is an actual reason for them to be closed.
-Attempt to do scenes with and comment on the journals of characters from different fandoms.
-Please make sure all major plotlines are approved by a moderator prior to being used.
-Have fun, that`s what roleplaying is all about!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the moderators. You may also refer to the wonderful FAQ created by one of our former mods here

Thank you very much for your cooperation and welcome to Vortexx!